1.1 Ancient History

part-one-webWhen the internet classic DM Of The Rings concluded the author challenged nerddom to produce other such comics, a challenge most famously answered by Darths and Droids. Here in a bid for internet fame I have chosen to throw my own hat into the ring and offer up Naruto, reimagined as a tabletop campaign. Of course credit should be given, firstly to the Comic Irregulars for introducing myself to the format, secondly to Shamus Young for creating the format and thirdly to Masashi Kishimoto and all the others involved in making the franchise I shall lampoon. Finally my girlfriend has done a wonderful job of doing the layout and technical side of the project.
Given the sheer length of the series it is likely this will become one of the many orphaned projects on the internet. You want this to avoid that terrible fate? Simply pay attention to feed my narcissism with comments!


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